Boxer puppies are sweet faced balls of energy that will bring plenty of joy to your life, and plenty of destruction to your belongings through their chewing habits. However, before you concern yourself with raising a Boxer, you first need to focus all of your energy on educating yourself about the breed, so you will be able to pick out the best Boxer pup that is healthy and has been well bred.

How do you discover what Boxer puppies have been well bred? For starters, you find a reputable breeder and compare the liter they are selling with the Boxer breed standard.

For instance, Boxers are recognized for their strong builds. They have chiseled heads that feature a small arched skull which should not appear round. No wrinkles or creases are present on the head, except when the Boxer is alert.

Boxer puppies should have square jaws. The lower jaw is undershot and curves a little upwards. The strong jaws of the Boxer are home to a perfect set of white teeth that form a full scissor bite that is extremely powerful.

Their muzzles are short, and are one of their most distinctive features. The muzzle is a darker color than the rest of the head, and the tip of the nose is positioned slightly higher than the muzzle so it’s not level with it. The nose has wide nostrils and is black.

The ears of Boxers are usually cropped, which enhances their hearing, one of their more developed senses. Their ears are thin and rest on the highest point of the skull. They are set wide a part. If the ears are not cropped, they will fall forward and lay flat and close to the cheek.

Boxer puppies have adorable dark brown eyes that are proportioned to their head, and are surrounded by dark rims. They are deeply set and look directly forward. They eyes convey a soulful and intelligent expression.

A Boxer has a muscular body that is equipped with a deep chest, well arched ribs, well defined withers, and short loins. The Boxer’s back is not very long, but it is broad and muscular and is relatively straight with a slight slope. The back extends to the tail which is usually docked. If the tail of a Boxer is docked it is carried high and upwards. If it is not docked, the tail is carried high and free. It should not curl over the back, and should add a look of balance to compliment the rest of the Boxer’s physical appearance.

Boxer puppies come in two different coat colors: Fawn or Brindle. If the Boxer has fawn coloring their coat can be any shade of dark brown-red to light fawn. If the coat is brindle, the Boxer will have a fawn ground color, as well as have black stripes that run parallel to their ribs throughout the body. The stripes in brindle coats contrast well with the fawn color of the coat. Note: it is also permissible for Boxers to have white markings in their coat, but the white should not cover more than a third of the fawn coloring. Finally, regardless of the color, the coat itself should be short, shiny, smooth, and close to the body.

The last part of Boxer puppies you will need to inspect is their legs and feet. The front legs of a boxer are straight, strong boned, and slightly slanted. Their hindquarters appear straight from behind but have good angulations. You will notice that the front feet of the boxer are small and not unlike a cat, while the back feet are touch longer than the front. All four paws have strong, hard pads.

There is plenty for you take into account when selecting from Boxer puppies. Therefore, make sure you talk to the breeder, and seek the advice of other owners who are familiar with breed. The more you know, and the more experience you have with real Boxers, the better your chances of selecting a healthy and well bred dog.