There are many great ways you can exercise your Boxer dog. Exercise doesn’t only have to be taking your dog for a routine walk around the block every day, there are so many other fun options available you’ll both enjoy and look forward to.

However, before you engage in any fun or strenuous activity with your Boxer dog, it is necessary that you take him to the Vet to receive a complete physical checkup. This means having your dog’s weight, joints, muscles, heart and lungs examined so you know what fitness level is best for your dog. Remember, your Boxer is no different than you. If you jump into a fitness routine that is beyond your level of endurance, your body will suffer the consequences (ex. Pulled muscles, strained joints, sprains, etc.). The same can be said for your dog.

Moreover, it is also important to warm up with your dog for a minimum of 5 minutes prior to engaging in any strenuous exercise. You can warm up by taking a brisk walk to get your blood flowing, or engaging in a low-key game of fetch. As soon as you and your dog are ready, you can begin enjoying one or any of the following high-energy aerobic activities (Note: when doing any intense exercise, make sure you have plenty of water on hand to keep both you and your Boxer dog well hydrated) –

Jogging – This is a great way to get your heart rate up without taking on the full stress of running. Jogging is something you and your dog can enjoy together just about anywhere.

Cycling – If your Boxer dog is physically fit, he will prove to be a wonderful cycling pal. He’ll love the challenge running along side your bike will provide him. Just make sure that you cycle in a park or in an area where there is little traffic. You shouldn’t ride on the road, and you shouldn’t have your dog on a leash for both his safety and yours. Therefore, you will need to make sure that your Boxer is obedient and trained in order to enjoy this exercise.

Rollerblading or Inline Skating – This is a fun exercise, but you will need to be a powerful skater, and have the ability to control your dog. The last thing you want is to go reeling out of control on your skates. You should also only enjoy this activity in an area where there are no cars, and few people.

Soccer – Play a doggie form of soccer with your Boxer dog by using a Kong toy, small ball or a doggie soccer ball. When engaging in this activity, you can either choose to kick the ball to your Boxer as if playing fetch, or dribble the ball between your feet while your dog tries to take it away from you. This activity provides a fun challenge for both you and your dog. The best place to enjoy this activity is in a park.

Swimming – If you have taught your Boxer how to swim, this activity is a great way to work out all the muscles and joints of the body. Moreover, swimming is also a lot of fun. Swimming can be enjoyed in a lake, in the ocean or in a pool.

Fetch – This may sound like a boring form of exercise, but in actuality it will be one of the exercises your Boxer dog will enjoy most. This is because you can play fetch in any safe open area both indoors and outdoors, and you can play the game with virtually any object, such as a rope, Kong, ball, Frisbee, etc.

Depending on what you use, you will provide your dog with different exercise enjoyment. For instance, if you throw a Frisbee, your dog can jump and catch the Frisbee instead of just chasing after a ball.

Agility Training – This is a challenging exercise that involves a certain level of training. The object is to teach your dog how to run though, over, under, or around different obstacles as fast as he can. You can create an obstacle course for your dog out of various objects including old tires, hula hoops, blocks, and so on. If your Boxer dog seems to really like agility training, consider taking part in agility trials against other dogs.

Nighttime Exercise – There is no reason why you can’t exercise at night if you work all day. Exercising in the dark will put limitations on the activities you can enjoy, but you can always enjoy a good game of fetch in a fenced in yard with a glow in the dark ball, or inside. If you have a pool, you can also go swimming at night (weather permitting of course), and as always, you can take your Boxer dog for a good walk.

Always remember that while these exercises can be a lot of fun, you shouldn’t push you or your Boxer dog beyond your exercise limits. Take it slow, keep yourselves well hydrated, and gradually build your endurance over time.