Boxer dog care is not difficult and is not something you ever need worry about if you put your common sense and Boxer knowledge to good use. Essentially all you need to do is provide your Boxer with –

A nutritional diet – Give your dog a balanced diet. This can be a BARF diet, or a standard dog food diet. Regardless of which diet you decide will be best for your Boxer, consult food options with your Vet to find out his or her recommendations.

Also, keep in mind that if you are providing your Boxer with a BARF diet, this doesn’t mean you are free to feed your dog any human food you or he desires. Not all the food we eat provides dogs with the same nutrients. Human food can make dogs obese and lead to serious health problems. Therefore, to ensure Boxer dog care, thoroughly research the BARF diet if this food method interests you.  

Give him occasional treats – Although you should limit the amount of treats you give your Boxer, it is important that you provide him with treats on occasion. Treats don’t only have to be dog cookies, they can also include:

  • A few dinner scraps (Note: makes sure you feed only a small portion to the dog after you have eaten, and put the scraps in his dish. Never feed him from the table.)
  • A new toy
  • A yogurt treat
  • A special play time
  • A car ride
  • Trip to the pet store

Providing your dog with the occasional treat will keep him very happy and he’ll feel important.  

Keep him protected from the elements – A big part of Boxer dog care is keeping your Boxer protected from the elements. Boxers are shorthaired and are highly sensitive to extreme weather. Furthermore, because he has such a short muzzle, hot and humid weather creates very uncomfortable conditions for him. Thus, you should be careful exercising or leaving your Boxer outside on sweltering days. Make sure you can provide him with a cool environment he can relax in.  

Get him off the couch – Your Boxer has loads of energy and loves to be outside. He needs to be exercised well every day. If he isn’t exercised properly, your Boxer can become overweight, or he can become out of shape by not using his muscles. Try and take him out for 3 walks a day, and no less than two. He should also be provided with playtime, as well as the freedom to run about in the backyard.  

Keep your Boxer free of worms and fleas – Two enemies that all dogs have in common are fleas and worms. A vital part of Boxer dog care is keeping your boxer well guarded from fleas and worms by providing him with the preventative meds he needs.  

Customary Vet visit – You should take your Boxer to the Vet every year for a checkup. The Vet will physically examine your dog and give him the vaccines and heart worm pills your Boxer needs to stay in tip-top shape.

 Monitor hereditary health problems – Boxers, like all dog breeds, are prone to certain hereditary illnesses. Boxers are susceptible to hip and cardiac problems. As part of your Boxer dog care, you should have theses health issues monitored in your dog.  

Regular grooming – While your Boxer does not require daily brushing (weekly or bi-weekly will do), you should still give his teeth a good brushing at least once a week. You should also have his nails clipped when needed (usually every 2 months), and check his ears to make sure they are clean and clear of infection every 2 weeks.

Love, affection and attention – Finally, a healthy and happy boxer is one that is well loved, and provided with plenty of affection and attention. Spend as much time with your Boxer as you can, and make him a part of your family functions. Take him out with you when you can, and make him feel like an important part of your life.

It doesn’t take much to meet the Boxer dog care requirements. Enjoy your dog’s company and let him enjoy yours.