Boxer breeders need to advertise their new liters in order for prospective owners to know what is available to them. Therefore, if you are new to Boxer breeding, or would like a few extra pointers on how you can make the most of advertising, the following is information you can use to reach as much of the public as possible.

Develop your own website – A great idea, and which many Boxer breeders have done, is to create your own website. On your website include important information about the dogs you use for breeding, as well as information about a current liter or news about an upcoming one. Put pictures up of your dogs, and make sure you provide all your contact information and an email address, so interested buyers can contact you.

Another good idea if you run a website is to create a free newsletter that visitors can sign up for. Once a month you can send out a newsletter to all the people who have signed up for your newsletter, so you can keep them up to date about your dogs and about any upcoming liters you have on the way.

Advertise at other notable dog related websites – There are other websites that receive plenty of traffic where Boxer breeders are permitted to advertise, as long as they meet the sites requirements. Usually these sites will provide you with a list of rules a breeder must abide by if they wish to advertise, and the breeder will likely have to fill out a form.

Some of the best websites where you can request to advertise includes:

  • The kennel club of your nation
  • Boxer club of your nation
  • A breeder directory website
  • Any general dog information websites that rank high in search engines

Advertise in the local and city newspaper – When the liter has been born, place an advertisement in your local and city newspaper. Every paper has a classified section where Boxer breeders, or any dog breeder for that matter, can place an advertisement.

Send out flyers – When a liter is born, create flyers and send them out around the neighborhood.

Don’t forget, you can also ask previous buyers to use you as a reference. That way should their friends or an acquaintance ever ask them to recommend boxer breeders, you’ll be the first on their list.